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  • Product Name: RF Electrosurgical Unit
  • Model: RFS-3800K
  • Certification: ISO13485 and CE

Radiofrequency Electrosurgical Unit

Model: RFS-3800K

Certification: ISO13485 and CE.

Radiofrequency Technology:
High Radiofrequency of 3.8 MHz
The best device and the most advanced technology for high-frequency electrosurgical Unit. 
General description:
The RFS-3800K is used to cut, cut and coagulate, coagulate extra-heavy bleeding, and fulgurate. 
High Frequency-Low Temperature:
The high frequency minimizes heat dissipation and thus cellular alteration.
The electrode does not generate heat, which is real low temperature cutting.  
This advanced technology provides unparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility and safety. 
Beyond the laser and the lower frequency:
Clinical benefits include reduced post-operative discomfort, presureless micro-smooth bloodless incision, less tissue alteration, minimal scar tissue formation, enhanced healing.
1. Minimal tissue alteration
2. Maximized hemorrhage control
3. No burning or charring of the tissue
4. Surgical precision/ Biopsy
5. Microsurgery/ Minimally invasive
6. Maximum patient safety
7. All medical specialties
8. Reduced operating time
9. Improved visibility of operative field

Main Specifications:
RFS-3800K RadioFreq SURG
RFS-3800K (220 240 volts)
Output Voltage :Variable from 500 to 600±20%
Output Power:0~100W
Output Frequency:3.8 MHz.  
Output Waveform:  
Cut (Fully Filtered)  
Cut & Coag (Fully Rectified) 
Coag (Partially Rectified)  
Fulguration (Spark-Gap) 
RFS-3800K Application Area:
1. General Surgery
2. Gynecology 
3. Otorhinolaryngology / Facial Plastics 
4. Oculoplastics
Neutral Plates

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