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RF Electrosurgical Unit

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  • Product Name: RF Electrosurgical Unit
  • Model: RFS-4000KS
  • Certification: ISO13485 and CE



General description:

RFS-4000KS is used to do radio-frequency cut, cut&coagulation, coagulation of extra-heavy bleeding, fulguration on biological tissue.


Technical specification:

RFS-4000KS(220-240V, 50Hz)

Mode: cut, cut&coag, coag, fulguration

Out put Power: 0-100W


Working temperature: 40-70


Stomatology application:

Oral surgery

ental restoration

periodontal surgery

dental implant


Gynecology application:

LEEP operation/uterine/Cervical polyp/genital ulcers and colposcope/ hysteroscopy/endoscopy biopsy

Tumour radiofrequency ablation/endometrial ablation




Surgical Pen A for cut/coag/fulgurate

Surgical Pen B for Spray only

Surgical plate

Surgical electrodes(Optional)

Neutral plate

High frequency- low temperature:


The high frequency minimizes heat dissipation and thus cellular alteration. Clinical benefits include reduced post-operative discomfort, less tissue alteration, maximum readability of histologic specimen, minimal scar tissue formation and enhanced healing, beyond the laser and the lower


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