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Plasma Unit LPS-100K

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  • Product Name: Plasma Unit LPS-100K
  • Model: LPS-100K
Low-Temperature Plasma Unit 

Model: LPS-100K

Coblation Technology 

Performance Advantages: 
More Effective: Multiple treatment modalities make the pain treatment easier, can achieve a bipolar or multipolar cutting, low-temperature ablation, hemostasis and coagulation. It is a safe and economic clinical choice. 
Smarter: According to the connection of electrodes, automatically identify the applications. 
More convenient: Multiple specifications of plasma electrodes for all relevant departments are available.


Clinical Applications: 
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery / Discectomy / Micro Endo Disc System
Nucleus Ablation/ Pain Clinic / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Adenoidal Removal / Plasma Tumor Resection 
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) / Nasal Polypectomy
Turbinate ablation/Soft Palate Ablation


How it works:
Use the technology of low-temperature decomposition, the low radiofrequency energy makes the conducting medium form plasma. The plasma is focused on the target tissue through electrodes, by striking the molecular bonds of the target tissue to achieve the low-temperature decomposition. Meanwhile, the collagen shrinks. So it completes the ablation and stops the bleeding at the same time.

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