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Bipolar RFS-4000KD Machine

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  • Product Name: Bipolar RFS-4000KD Machine
  • Model: RFS-4000KD
Bipolar RFS Machine
Model: RFS-4000KD

RF Technology 

General Description:
The RFS-4000KD radiofrequency electrosurgical unit is used to do bipolar radiofrequency ablation.

Technical Specifications:
RFS-4000KD (220 240 volts) 
Mode: Bipolar.
Output Voltage: Variable from 500 to 600 ± 20%
Output Power: 0~50W
Output Frequency: Bipolar mode - 1.71 MHz.

Mode & Output Waveform:

RFS-4000KD Application Area:
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery / Discectomy / Micro Endo Disc System
Nucleus Ablation/ Pain Clinic / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) / Nasal Polypectomy
Turbinate ablation/Soft Palate Ablation

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