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Brand advantage

Focus on research and development and production of advanced and reliable, excellent quality, affordable minimally invasive medical products, for medical institutions and doctors to provide more and better minimally invasive medical technology, as well as provide professional technical support and services. At present, the company has independent invention patents and utility patents. The product adopts the advanced low temperature minimally invasive technology at home and abroad to realize the advantages of low temperature cutting and ablation of coagulation, no carbonization, less bleeding, less pain, quick healing and so on. The product is widely used in minimally invasive surgery in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, orthopedic joint pain, anoenterourology, gynecology, plastic surgery, oral surgery and so on. It has been highly praised by experts at home and abroad.

Technical support

Quality standards

The company has passed GMP, ISO9001, ISO13485 quality management system certification, products have passed the national CFDA, ISO certification, as well as the State Food and Drug Administration issued the third class of medical device certificate.

Research and development innovation

Has won the high-tech enterprise qualification, has the national independent invention patent.

Sales Services

Sales services throughout the provinces and cities, as well as professional technical training and pre-sale and after-sales service support. Actively collect customer feedback and improve customer satisfaction.

Cooperation and support

Provide related products production and processing, registration consultation and business development services.

After-sales service

Our service tenet is "customer first, guarantee timely, service enthusiasm, work effectively". Establish perfect after-sales service system and strict management system, so that the customer's after-sales service can be effectively guaranteed.

(1)error code

Serial number

error code



error code


Neutral plate failure

2)Audio output table

Serial number

Audio properties

Features description



Normal beep

Bass continues 0.5 seconds

Normal initialization


Fault sounds

2 sounds in a same tone: beep, beep

Neutral plate failure


Confirmation sounds

High tone and low tone twice:

high, low, high, low

Neutral plate recovery


Active output beep of

RF cutting

Treble continuous beep sound

During active output of RF



Active output beep

of  RF coagulation

Bass continuous beep sound

During active output of RF


(3Treatment of common problems




Turn on the power

switch, but RFS unit

doesn’t work at all.

1. Power blackouts.

2. Power cord is not connected.

3. Fuse is blown.

1. Get through power supply.

2. Connect power cord well.

3. Replace fuses.

In normal work setting,

the output power

intensity setting is

significantly lower or

equipment doesn’t

work normally.

1. The connection of neutral

plate is bad.

2. The method of using is


1. Connect neutral plate correctly.

2. Repair or replace accessories.

3. Ask manufacturer for help.

Perfect after-sales service system, 24-hour service hotline:



Email address:

Company address: Building 10, Area 2, Yard 6, COFCO Science and Technology Health Park, Shagang Street, Fangshan District, Beijing