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How does a Radio Frequency Generator work? Let check it out. 

1.Radio Frequency Generators produce Radiowaves(4Mhz/1.71Mhz). 


2.Radio waves make the water molecules inside cells vibrate at a very high speed


3.Water in cells vaporized, cells break up, the tissues collapse. The cutting is done.



4.Slight thermal makes the proteins change from liquid into solid. The coag is done.


5.Protein Molecular bonds break up due to the radiowaves. The Ablation is done.


Why a Radio Frequency Generator instead of the others? See the features as follow.

1. Precise cutting reduce post-operative discomfort

2. Fast recovery after surgery

3. Excellent cosmetic results

4. Less thermal damage to the tissue(40-70 centigrade), carbonization free

5. Biopsy available