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Q:What makes Greenland 2 IN 1 surgery system over others?


Our 2 in 1 surgery system PRF-300/400 innovatively incorporate both plasma & radiofrequency modules in.

In sports medicine filed, we provide a multi-purpose wand with our 2 in 1 plasma/radiofrequency surgery system. It's convenient for the surgeons. The surgeon can shift the function of high-power plasma or radiofrequency in real time. On the other hand, it works with our full range of specific plasma wands & RF bipolar ablation electrodes too. Moreover, if you still have some wands/electrodes from other suppliers on hand, you don't have to give them away. Our equipment is compatible with them no problem.

In ENT field, you can put either plasma wands or surgical electrodes to the 2 in 1 surgery system. When the surgeon do some large area ablation job put our plasma wand on. If the surgeon wants to do precise incision, just put our monopolar electrode on it. Never have to get back to the warehouse & pick up another equipment.

Q:The output power setting is significantly lower or equipment doesn’t work normally. Why?


Mainly the problem is caused by

1. The connection of neutral plate is bad.

2. The method of using is incorrect.

So just do 

1. Connect neutral plate correctly.

2. Repair or replace accessories.

3. Ask manufacturer for help if the measures above seem not to work.

Q:I turn on the power switch, but the electrosurgical unit doesn’t work at all. What should I do?


Mainly there are three reasons for this problem, check the one by one.

1. Power blackouts.

2. Power cord is not connected.

3. Fuse is blown.

So the solutions are listed accordingly as follow.

1. Get through power supply.

2. Connect power cord well.

3. Replace fuses.

Q:Do we have to prepare skin well for the neutral plate when we do veterinary surgery?


No. use our Radiofrequency electrosurgical unit you do not have to do so. That's the very convenient, especially for the veterinary surgery. Neutral plate is like an antenna that receives radio waves emitted from the monopolar surgical electrode and returns the energy to the machine. So it doesn't have to firmly connect with the skin. 

Q:What's our warranty?


The warranty for the radio frequency electrosurgical unit and plasma surgery system is one year.  During that period of time, we provide free spare parts if the equipment break down for quality reason. After that time, we provie spare parts but the customers have to pay for it.

Q:How does a radiofrequency generator work?


1. Radiowave energy has a powerful affinity for water.

2. Targeted tissue/cell readily absorbs energy from Radiowave made by radiofrequency generators.

3. Intracellular pressure increases as water molecules expand, the cells break up.

4. Volatilization results in cell conversion to vapor. The process emits steam which aids in coagulation.

5. Cellular interaction enables meticulous precise dissection with tissue preservation.

Q:What’s the strong points radio-frequency generators over high-frequency generators?


The primary advantage of radio-frequency electrosugcial unit is that it allows surgical procedures to be performed with much less thermal damage than surgery done by other electrosurgical units.


Research shows that there is much less thermal spread with radio-frequency generators than with the-run-of-the-mill high-frequency generators.

A radio-frequency generator represents advanced radiowave technology that provides uparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility and safety. 

Clinical benefits include reduced post-operative discomfort, minimal scar tisse formation, maximum readabilty of histologic specimen, enhanced healing and excellent cosmetic results.